My new Barbie doll!
You have NO IDEA how hard it was to find this doll! It’s the Mexico Barbie from the Dolls of the World line, and I had searched through every toy store on this planet to find it!
But today at Target, my dad actually found it all the way in the back of the toy shelves. And get this: IT WAS THE ONLY ONE LEFT.
Thank you, dad, for preventing your Venusian daughter from having a spaz attack in the next toy store that didn’t have this Barbie doll in stock.
I usually like to name my collector Barbies, so I’m going to name this one Selena. No, not Selena Gomez, but Selena the famous Mexican-American singer. She truly was amazing, and I grew up listening to her music, so I’m naming my Barbie doll in memory of her.
Oh, and I’m actually going to share this doll with my mom, who is also a Barbie collector herself. We already share a few dolls, including her American Girl Bitty Twin dolls, so I highly doubt we’ll be fighting for Selena anytime soon.

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