U mad, Dylan?

This part made my jimmies rustle.
Dylan is just jealous that Max’s hair is too fabulous and wants him to cut off his own hair so she can make a wig out of it and have Max’s fabulousness for herself.
She’s also jealous because she cannot be in his boyband, The Maxtreet Boys.

Lmfao at that priest puking while Daryl is just standing there scratching his head like:






It is borderline shameful how loud I just laughed.


i want all police sirens to be replaced with thsi audio

I literally just spit iced tea all over my phone in a dafuq-did-I-just-read laugh attack.
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Breaking news, guise.

I just found out this morning that Nirvana’s song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, is based on the actual freaking deodorant. And all this time I thought the deodorant was named after the song. Herp-de-derp.

Speaking of which, that brand was mah fave back when I was a preteen. I still use the one in Pink Crush, lol. I also loved the strawberry one, but I don’t think they sell it anymore. :/

Yeah, so why am I talking about deodorants?

When you overhear a group of people at school talking about last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead:

Az4angela is life.

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April 29 - Bicycles

I don’t really know where this idea came from.

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